Herb Walk with Milkweed Herbarium

Nature itself is the best physician
— Hippocrates

This past Sunday, I was able to be a part of an herb walk by Dani of Milkweed Herbarium. I absolutely adore plants and learning more about them is among my favorite things to do and some of my goals to incorporate them even more into my life. I've done a few herb walks over the years, and Dani is, by far, the best teacher I've ever had the pleasure to walk with. I learned quite a few things among my picture snaps. Please go check her out if you have even a mild interest in learning about the wonderful things that plants can do for our world. (Milkweed Herbarium Facebook and website) I have just a couple of pictures attached just to give you a teaser of the beauty that we encountered and learned more about on our herb walk through a Denver neighborhood. So much magic to be found everywhere!