Golden leaves before the snow

Today my friend and I went hiking in one of my favorite places. Golden Gate Canyon State Park has been one of my favorites for a long time and I'm so grateful I go to share it with a good friend. 

You know those rare few friends you meet and somehow instantly just become friends and then sort of gradually find out some of the reasons you connected so well immediately as time passes? Kat is one of those people for me. I'm truly grateful for her lovely presence in my life and our wonderful conversations and real life questions. To me, real looks like home and is incredibly rare to find. Those people who walk with you no matter how your life is going... and stay walking through it when you don't even know what questions to ask. Those people who laugh with you and let you cry without any discomfort. These are the people who impact your life for the better. Those people you know are in your life just when you needed them to be. Those people who stand real with you as you look at all the world.

Feeling in general very grateful not only for Kat, but also for some unexpected kindness and love from my cousin today, too. Friends and family. You know, those people who have your back even in the kindest of ways. Today is a beautiful day. And there will be more sunshine to come. I'm believing in goodness because of the kindness and beauty that exists in this world that I got to see and experience a bit today. 

Here are a few photos from our hike among the remaining golden Aspen leaves before the snow looks to come tomorrow in Denver.