This post has a story to tell. To begin, I owe thanks to my friend in Barcelona for encouraging me to go stargazing to help with my insomnia and calm my mind. The experience of the drive, and the time to sort and think while in motion through mountains, begun my day in such a way that I'm still sitting without enough words to describe. The timing was unintentional for how the lighting worked to my favor, but being on the continental divide at Independence Pass in perfect time to watch the sun peak over the mountains... leaves me speechless still. The rising sun... at just over 12,000 feet. I drove all the way to Aspen and back today for my little journey. I hope the pictures speak for themselves to you as they stood out to me and speak to my heart still.

Also, to note, I know I don't always watermark, but for me, this is some of my best work. Let me know if you would like any reprinted for yourself without the watermark.