Christian Schizzel, December 2013

I would like to introduce to you, in brief, Christian J Schizzel. He has become one of my dearest friends since coming back into my life. We knew one another from years ago, and thanks to his being in my brother's wedding almost 2 years back, we came back in contact. Since then, we have been able to design incredible shoots together, and have gone through a lot of life and laughter in our group of friends.

Christian is a dynamic person. Full of a lot of hilarity and brilliance! There are so many artistic endeavors ahead of him, and He is one of the most capable people I know with following his intention. His intelligence and ability to think through something, and then put action behind what he has thought through is one of many appreciated characteristics. Truly, Christian is inspirational. But he is also real. I doubt you could hardly meet a more real person. He gets down to the grit and raw reality of life in a heartbeat.

But perhaps a better way of getting to know him is through his jewelry line. Christian has a line of "jewelry and tomfoolery," called DIEZZELPUNK. His work is incredible, and I highly appreciate his intention for his work. Please do take a moment to check it out! 

Christian now resides in Los Angeles, California, to further his dreams and goals.


And we had to take a couple of funny pictures, because why not? It was so much fun to do pics with him, and had to goof off a bit in there, too! (Minneapolis, Minnesota is the background city.)